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To begin with, ANY kind of DIY generator decreases our dependence on polluting or hazardous finite resources. Free, renewable energy which could be produced by making a DIY wind turbine generator for instance is clearly one possible part of the solution, not part of the problem. If you were to make your own generator, it is actually quite surprising how much of a contribution it is possible to make towards solving the environmental problem while at the same time saving a considerable amount of cash.


Many scientists have proven the existence of this field of energy and various inventors have achieved such 'free environmental energy' results. These important scientific achievements need to be properly funded and supported so that a robust system can be commercially available as soon as possible. Such a system will completely replace the current creaky electric power grid and power supply system, which is largely based on coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power. Moreover, these generators can eventually be placed in cars, trucks and ships to replace the power plants used in vehicles today There can be little doubt that zero point generators and solar panels are capable of making a massive difference to your finances, and you will also be protecting in the future of the planet for your children.


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(1) Faster-than-light travel is beyond our current horizons. Not only is the physics inadequately developed, but this physics is not oriented toward space propulsion or toward laboratory scale experiments.


(2) Causality violations (where effect precedes cause) are unavoidable if faster-than-light travel is possible, but it is uncertain whether causality violations are themselves physically prohibited.


(3) A few experimental approaches are feasible to address the science associated with faster- than-light travel, including:

(a) Search for evidence of wormholes using astronomical observations: look for a group of co-moving stars or for the visual distortions indicative of a negative mass hole entrance.

(b) Measure the velocity of light inside a Casimir cavity (between closely spaced conductive plates) to search for evidence of negative space energy. This pertains to wormholes, tachyons, and the negative energy density issue.

(c) Resolve the rest mass issue of the Neutrino, determining whether the unconfirmed experimental evidence of imaginary mass is genuine.


(d) Study cosmic rays above the atmosphere, using scattering targets of know composition to look for characteristic evidence of tachyons and more general particle physics events.

New ways to think of inertia and gravity: As mentioned earlier, the ideal interstellar drive would have the ability to manipulate the connection between mass and spacetime. One approach is to look for ways to use electromagnetism, a phenomenon for which we are technologically proficient, to control inertial or gravitational forces. It is known that gravity and electromagnetism are coupled phenomena. In the formalism of general relativity this coupling is described in terms of how mass warps the spacetime against which electromagnetism is measured. In simple terms this has the consequence that gravity appears to bend light, red-shift light and slow time. These observations and the general relativistic formalism that describes them have been confirmed (ref 9, 10). Although gravity's affects on electromagnetism have been confirmed, the possibility of the reverse, of using electromagnetism to affect gravity, is unknown.


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