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First Class Space Agency

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Development of Zero Point Energy Generators. Which are similar in construction to Magnetic Power Generators, as both make use of magnetic fields to produce sufficient energy to power themselves.

Development of alternative propulsion and systems which can achieve escape velocity. In physics, escape velocity is the speed at which the sum of an object's kinetic energy and its gravitational potential energy is equal to zero.

Our Mission
Spaceship on Alien Planet

First Class Space Agency Inc. is the future of interplanetary travel. We are going to use rediscovered ancient technologies to travel to the stars. 

To accomplish this, we promote, develop, operate, acquire, and/or lease our own fleet of spacecraft in a safe, sustainable, and competitive way for use in humanitarian initiatives, as well as, market and sell space related technologies and hardware.



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Get involved in the future of space with First Class Space. We have many opportunities available. Crowd funding link coming soon.


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